Sophia Harcourt

I photograph the beauty that I see around me, whether it be people, places or things. Whenever opportunities arise to travel, whether near or far, I bring my camera and capture what surrounds me in those moments. This media-filled world has created a need in me to create and print images that are tangible. Family photos in a box are part of what led me to pursuing photography. The world is quite disposable these days which opposes my proclivities to reuse and recycle. I was lucky enough to find a wood-working in the Yorkshire coast of the UK with the same sensibilities:

I am motivated to use the things that others would discard, to recycle, recreate and reuse. It pains me to see perfectly good materials go to waste. The frames are made from locally (UK) sourced recycled wood. It needs to be as local as all my wood is brought back on foot! Finished in clear or medium dark beeswax finish.

These framed images on the wall have brought together the beauty I see in the world and discarded timber into one piece for your viewing pleasure.

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