Lea Barksdale

Lea Barksdale

After spending years being what some would call an “entrepreneur” (others would say a “mom of three girls looking for a ‘happy release’”), Lea Barksdale has finally found her niche!

Lea finds it hard to call herself an artist due to the simple fact that she has not had years of training in the field and has not studied art abroad. In fact, the number of art classes that she has taken can be counted on one hand. Lea says, “I love the feeling and energy that is gathered from holding a brush in my hand. I love the ability to bring a room to life with just one piece of art, and I love the look on a customer’s face when they see a piece they cannot live without.”

Her work shows a love of texture, a love of layers and a love of color!

Lea resides in Lynchburg, Virginia with her husband and her precious golden retrievers, Cricket and Pippa.

Their daughters are now grown and looking for their own “happy release.” Lea’s work has been shown throughout Virginia.

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